About – CSF

Chennai Speakers Forum is an Open-to-All Toastmasters Club that meets every Sunday between 10 AM – 12 PM. We focus on developing Public Speaking, Leadership and Networking Skills.

Our First Club Office Bearers

Chennai Speakers Forum was started on September 4, 2011, after splitting the Chennai Toastmasters club. Within a few weeks since its inception, CSF was able to provide a unique experience to all the visitors and the quality of meetings continued to grow every time.


CSF was the first club in district 82 to start a classroom session which provided a great opportunity for the new members and guests to enhance and master their communication skills. Through implementing innovative classroom sessions and special meetings, it brought an entirely new form of energy into the club. The ‘Youthfulness’ and ‘Innovative Spirit’ seem to be the driving force at CSF to date. With Toastmasters from almost all age categories, CSF meetings never fail to break the myth that ‘Youthfulness’ has nothing to do with your age; rather it is just a number. From a very humble start, CSF has established itself as one of the top-performing clubs in district 82 winning educational and membership awards with great consistency and also producing many champion speakers.

250th Meeting

A Typical CSF Meeting

  1. Sergeant at Arms will set the meeting by welcoming the audience, giving some instructions to them which will be followed by welcoming the president of our club.
  2. The President will then formally invites the members and the guests to the meeting. He will open the meeting by giving his Presidential address. This is followed by welcoming the Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD).
  3. The formal meeting is started by the TMOD by introducing the Theme for the meeting and the Word of the day. This is where the actual meeting starts which is divided into 3 segments
    1. Prepared Speeches
    2. Table Topics Session
    3. Evaluation Session
  4. In the prepared speech session members of Toastmasters will give a well-rehearsed speech according to their respective project manuals provided by Toastmasters International. Each speech has a time limit according to the project of the speech
  5. Table Topics session is an impromptu speaking session where a Table Topics Master will call the audience to speak on a topic chosen by the Table Topics Master. The time limit for Table Topics is 1-2 minutes. Table topic session also includes guests.
  6. In the Evaluation, session Evaluators will evaluate the speeches of the prepared speakers and they will provide constructive feedback on the speeches.
  7. At the end of all three sessions. General Evaluator will then evaluate the entire proceedings of the meeting.
  8. In the end, the President will recognize the winners of the meeting and will formally close the meeting of the day.