Hello Toastmasters!😎

Greetings from TM Mukund & TM Krishnamoorthy . CSF is all set to release it’s next newsletter soon!😀

The theme of the newsletter: ‘ LIVE TO GIGGLE’

“Live, laugh, love & repeat for unlimited joy”

Happiness varies from person to person. But basically happiness comes when we laugh/ giggle.

Success is measured on how we enjoy or be happy about doing something. Everyone seeks joy or happiness, someone earns it but somebody has it by default🤩. Pleasant memories will be remembered where we laughed a lot.🥳

So share your work and tell people what you’ve gotta say. You can:

✒share your personal experiences, any articles relating to the theme ‘Live to giggle’.

✒You can narrate stories of famous people or comedians who made you laugh a lot.

✒Share examples of an incident that you made someone laugh or happy.

Deadline for submission of the articles: 3rd June, 2020

Word limit: 550 words.

Contact details:

TM Mukund


TM Krishnamoorthy



Receiving your artciles will give us immense happiness.😃


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