If you see the mythological Giant Atlas holding up the heavens and earth on his shoulders, sweat and blood streaming and muscles straining to breaking point, while the world takes him for granted, what would you tell him? Ayn Rand answers the question brilliantly in this book.

The world worships mediocrity, the majority, the greater good and sacrifices individual choice and excellence. As a strong proponent of Objectivism and the Creed of pure selfishness (read as loyalty to self as against cruelty to others), Ayn Rand supports the right of the individual to make their own choices, look for their own betterment and reach for the highest potential they have. All along we hear of everyone going on strike. Rand asks us what if the capitalist, the industrialist, the scientist, the best of the best who carry this world and never get any thanks in return and are instead hunted and strippped of all their achievements in the name of the greater good, go on strike? A question pertinent and relevant to all times and societies. You may not agree with all her answers, but you cannot help but admire her characters that bring to life this theory of what is wrong with the world. Atlas Shrugged – the highest literary tribute to individual ability and freedom !


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