Dale Carnegie’s books are always titled in way which makes every avid book reader looking for motivation and purpose in books, to immediately purchase a copy. How to stop worrying and start living is an international bestseller. What I found unique about this book is how it starts with nine points that the author puts forward to make the most from the book. The book is written in simple language and begins by throwing light on what is ‘worry’ and how it impacts our wellbeing. He begins with very simple techniques which pushes the reader to keep turning the pages. In every chapter of the book, the author has entwined a true story with a message thereby making his ideas trustworthy. The last part of the book is just a compilation of real life incidents where people share how they conquered worry. Does the book really answer the question posed in its title ? To an extent yes. At the beginning of the book, the author himself advises that this book is not to be read just once but requires to be constantly referred to remember the techniques that have been taught. If you believe in learning simple techniques to overcome worrying and improve your mental wellbeing, this book is definitely recommended for you.


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