Hola amigos!
Blissful greetings from TM Aarthy and TM Aloysius. CSF is gearing up to release its next newsletter soon!

The theme of the newsletter:
‘ Connect 🀝🏻
‘ Skill up πŸ’ͺ🏻
And Flourish ✨

CSF doesn’t only mean Chennai Speakers Forum😜

We are all born with unlimited potential within us but struggle to find them and navigate them to do fruitful things.

We’ll Flourish in whatever we are doing only when we find a personal Connect with whatever we are doing. It adds meaning and purpose to our life. To do the things we love and Skill Up so that we Work it harder!
Make it better!
Do it faster! And therefore by
making us stronger!

Share your life experience and also about our club on how supportive it is in fulfilling your purpose and goals in life. You can:

πŸ–‹ Share your insights to the world which means so much to you. Which keeps you going constantly
πŸ–‹ The people whom you have connected with who had helped you in bringing out your skills and made you flourish.
πŸ–‹Share your life with us with respect to the theme Connect Skill up and Flourish. We’ll tell it to the world.
πŸ–‹ Share few instances about our club being able to transform your life upfront in your journey.
πŸ–‹ Folks! Articles, poems, artwork and sketches etc can be submitted. Unleash your creative spirit!

Deadline for submission of the articles: November 10, 2019

Word limit: 550 words

Contact details

TM Aarthy

TM Aloysius


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