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Chennai Speakers Forum, like Toastmasters Clubs all over the world, have a set of Club Officers called the Executive Committee or Ex-com to ensure ideal running of the club. Club Officers are elected every 6 months, through a detailed election process which is chaired by a person called the Election Chair.

President’s Address

So far it has been a fabulous journey as the president of Chennai Speakers Forum. Looking back where our club was at the start of this year and where our club has moved today, I want to express my sincere gratitude to our previous excomm for re-building the quality, energy and enthusiasm which our club has always been known for. As a member of the current excomm, it is my duty as well as my team’s duty to raise the standard to a further new level. In this column, I would like to share the mission and vision of our current excomm.

Grooming our members:

We as a team would like to groom new people, to make them accomplished speakers and leaders. This is not something that we have initiated recently but the foundation was set long ago and today we have an excomm where most of them being fresher and few months old being a Toastmaster.

Giving Opportunities:

We want to give more and more opportunities to the new members of our club, we have already begun it. We had our club contest which was conducted effectively by very new set of people and our current newsletter team which again consists of new members. At this point, I want to tell you all one thing- Toastmasters is an ocean of opportunities, you get whatever you want if you have the self- interest to do it and nobody here will deny your opportunity citing your lack of experience or other skills. So, fellow members of CSF- our team is ready to serve you and we will give you ample of opportunities at every level of Toastmasters if you have the desire and interest in you.

Making them comfortable on stage:

Making people feel comfortable on the stage is one of important principles of Toastmasters. Members and guests feeling hysterical when their names are being called during TableTopics are quite natural. It is each one of our responsibility to make a speaker feel comfortable on stage. We want to create a CSF that adheres truly to the mission of Toastmasters- To create a positive and a supportive learning environment. We can do this by bringing a little smile on our face whenever our member or any guest gets on to the stage and by doing that we can eliminate the stage fright out of them and they will also feel more confident on the stage.

Creating Champions and Leaders:

Creating champions and leaders is one of our visions. We want CSF’s name to shine in every Area, Division and District level contests and events. I firmly believe every member of our club has the potential to reach there. We want to train every one of our member so that they excel and shine as a speaker and as a leader.

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