Toastmasters Website

  1. How to set password for Toastmasters website?

After taking a toastmaster membership, you will receive a welcome mail from Toastmasters International. Click on ‘Get started’ to set your password. After that, you can log in to the toastmaster website https://www.toastmasters.org/ using your credentials (Email ID and Password)

2. How to choose pathways?

After login -> pathways -> choose your pathways -> obtain digital resource online via basecamp option->continue

Check out this video to watch it step by step :

3. How to Access ‘Evaluation resource’ and ‘project Checklist’?

Go to Base Camp- launch your project- click on ‘Project Checklist/Evaluation Resource’

4. How to store your evaluation resource on Toastmasters website?

After receiving Evaluation feedback for your speech you can store your evaluation form under the documents folder in basecamp.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to store your evaluation form in the toastmaster website base camp.

5. How to ‘mark complete’ a level?

After you complete a project under your pathway you have to mark complete to complete your level. Watch the below tutorial where it demonstrates how to do it.

6. How to award badges in Toastmasters Pathways?


  1. How to choose a Mentor?

You can Contact our club Vice President Education. He/She will help you in choosing your mentor

2. Who should I ask regarding speech slots/roles?

You can contact our VP Education for booking your speech slots or any meeting roles


1. What are the contests that happen and what are the eligibility criteria for those?

In toastmasters, we have the International Speech contest, Humorous, Evaluation contests, and Table topic contests.

In our club, the club level International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest happens in February/March and the Humorous and Evaluation Contest happens in September/Oct


To be eligible to compete in the International Speech Contest(ISC), a member must have earned certificates of completion in Levels 1 and 2 of any path in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience prior to the club contest.

Begins with club level ISC (winner, runner up) -> Area Level ISC (winner, runner up)-> Division level ISC (winner) -> District level ISC (winner) -> Regional Level ISC (winner) -> Toastmasters international world champion of public speaking .

At the Regional level, there are 13 to 14 regions across the world. The Regional level winner will represent in the Toastmasters International world champion of public speaking.


For the Humorous contest, Evaluation contest, and Table Topics Contest, no such level completion is required. Any member with good standing in the club can contest.

Begins with club level (winner, runner up) -> Area Level (winner, runner up)-> Division level (winner) -> District level

2. What are the various roles and responsibilities a Toastmaster can take up in contests?

  • Contest Chair
  • Contest Masters
  • Chief Judge

Check out this link for more information:

Toastmasters Contest Organization: Chair and Contest Master | Toastmasters 101

3. Who should you approach if you’re interested to take up these responsibilities?

You can contact our VP Education.


1. What is ‘ex-comm’ and what do they do?

Serving as an ex-comm (Executive committee) is a great opportunity to learn and build your leadership and team-building skills. There are seven officer roles in a Toastmasters club


* Responsible for the overall success of the club

* Assists other excomm officers with their roles

* Holds regular Executive meetings to plan and monitor club progress

* Represents the Club at Area, Division and District meetings

* Introduces and Closes Club Meetings

Vice President Education

* Organizes the club meeting. VPE schedules members’ speeches and projects and serve as a resource for questions about education awards, speech contests, and the mentor program.

* Leads the preparation of the Club Success Plan for the year and monitors its implementation

* Represents the Club at Area, Division and District meetings

* As the second ranking Officer, takes over in the absence of the President

Vice President Membership

* Develop and carry through a recruiting strategy for new members

* Assist applicants to fill in the Membership Application

* Send off Membership Applications with fees to Toastmasters International

Vice President Public Relations

* Set up and maintain the club website

* Publicise and handles the activities of the Club in the social media and local community.

* Produce a regular club newsletter


* Bill and collect Semi Annual Fees from members

* Bank all money collected as soon as possible

* Pay accounts as authorised by the Excomm or President

* Keep accurate account books showing all receipts, all payments and the current balance of club funds.

* Prepare a Budget for the coming year


* Keep Minutes of meetings of the Club .

* Help maintain and develop the Club’s Website

* Maintain a register of Club assets

Sergeant at Arms

* Supervise the setting up of the meeting room in time for each meeting

* Supervise the putting away after each meeting

* Open the meeting and hand over to the Toastmaster

For a very detailed account of Officer roles go to the Toastmasters International website

2.How are ex-comm members chosen?

Excomm officers are elected either annually or semi-anually. Here it is elected semiannually . Semiannual terms will run from July 1 through December 31 and January 1 through June 30.

check out this link to know more about it.

Toastmasters International -Club Officer Elections

3. What does ‘associate ex-comm’ mean and who should you approach if you’re interested in being an associate ex-comm?

If you wish to serve as an ex-comm officer for the next term you can approach an excomm officer under whom you’re willing to volunteer as an associate.

For example, if you’re interested in PR and social media you can approach VP-PR and express your interest. Once you’re appointed as ‘associate VP-PR’ you’ll be actively involved and share their responsibilities such as designing flyers, handling Social Media posts, etc

Educational Awards

Chennai Speakers Forum comes under Area A3, Division A, District 120, Region 13 of Toastmasters International. Educational awards are presented for both the members and clubs at the semiannual, annual division level conference and annual district-level Conference every year.

For member, we have the following awards presented at division and district level.


  • Member Award – Excellence in Education :

All members who achieve the following educational milestones (Pathways Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) will be presented a Certificate of appreciation along with the corresponding TI Award Ribbon.

Eligibility: All members are encouraged to participate

  • Member Award – Excellence in Leadership :

This award will be presented to 1 individual per Area per term, whose dedication, commitment, and efforts significantly contributed toward achieving the district mission.

Eligibility: All members who are not Club officers, District Officers and District Extended team.


  • Member Award – Distinguished Toastmaster

This award will be presented to members who achieve the highest educational achievement in Toastmasters, namely the Distinguished Toastmaster.

Eligibility: Open to all members

  • Member Award – Pathways Celebrity Award

This will be awarded to the Toastmaster who completes ONE Path (all 5 levels)within an annual term.

  • Member Award – Pathways Champion Award

This will be awarded to the Toastmaster who completes More than ONE Path within an annual term and also the toastmaster who is midway through a path within an annual term is also eligible

To know more about in detail you check out the d120 website under d120 HOF(hall of fame ) link: https://district120.org/awards.php