How to Join?

Joining CSF is simple. The only prerequisite is an indomitable Will within you to improve your communication and or leadership skills.

  • Attend the club meeting as a guest.
  • Collect the membership form from VP-Membership at the end of the meeting.
  • The form can be also downloaded from the Toastmasters International Website
  • Please fill up the form and submit (duly signed) it to VP-Membership.
  • Pay the membership fees as intimated by the VP-Membership.


Should I be a member to attend a meeting?
No, You can visit us as a guest.

Do I need to register before attending the meeting?
No, You don’t need to register before attending our meeting.

I’m a college student, Can I attend your meeting?
Yes, You are most welcome to attend our meeting, In fact, many of our members are students who are pursuing their degrees in various fields.

How Toastmasters benefits?
Toastmasters helps you to become more confident when you are doing a presentation, attending campus interviews. It will help you to stand out from others in terms of communication as well as in Leadership.

  • You will be assigned a Mentor, usually a senior member of the club.
  • You will receive two manuals from Toastmasters International named Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership Manuals.
  • You will be provided with “Toastmaster” magazine from Toastmasters International .

I am not sure, I may get relocated soon, what happens to my membership?

The beauty of Toastmasters movement is, once you are a member of a toastmaster club, you can attend any other Toastmasters club meeting. Toastmasters clubs are present across 100+ countries. You can transfer your membership to any other club.